Man Week Blog Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Road Rage in the UK: How to Deal is undergoing a radical transformation as consumers’ own definitions of beauty and their perceptions of the industry morph. The year ahead offers a fresh start for beauty leaders and challengers alike, who can reframe their offerings and channels to meet the demands of this dynamic segment.

Inclusion is a major theme this year, with beauty brands increasingly embracing gender-neutral packaging and imagery. This movement is also fueling interest in ingestibles such as powders, pills and teas that can enhance beauty objectives like glossy hair or glowing skin.

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With a nod to sustainability, beauty products are increasingly formulated with natural ingredients and organic compounds, while consumers are drawn to cruelty-free brands and sustainable supply chain practices. In addition, many beauty consumers are looking for evidence of an brand’s commitment to diversity and equality.

Hair trends are evolving as well, with consumers seeking a face-framing and transformative change. Curtain, blunt and fringe cuts are making a splash, with influencers including Billie Eilish, Barbie Ferriera and Keke Palmer showing off the trending look.

Men’s beauty is also gaining momentum, with influencers and brands like Shakeup Cosmetics offering products like concealers, tinted moisturizers and lip gels exclusively for men. As a result, male consumers are more open to experimenting with makeup and skincare, leading to new trends such as a draped blush (where powder is applied on both the cheeks) and brows that are brushed-up, softened and swept back for a less structured look.

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