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Best Digital Menu Board for Drive Thru

Best Digital Menu Board for Drive Thru

When it comes to driving revenue and sales, drive-thru restaurant Best Digital Menu Board for Drive Thru are one of the most effective tools available. Easily updated, visually stimulating and often interactive, these dynamic screens can enhance the customer experience and build brand loyalty in QSRs of all sizes. And they’re more than just displays – they can also create a number of operational efficiencies that improve the speed of service and reduce wait times.

With easy-to-read menus that are visible from a distance, digital drive-thru boards help customers make selections faster and get their orders to the counter quicker. They can also highlight specials, promotions and other limited-time offers to increase average order value. Integrated with point-of-sale systems, these dynamic menu boards can automatically update prices and change promotions as needed so that staff can spend more time on food preparation and less on data entry.

Drive-Thru Revolution: Choosing the Best Digital Menu Board for Quick Service

The hardware that makes a digital drive-thru menu board work well must be outdoor-rated and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. For that reason, many restaurateurs opt for individual hardware components versus integrated systems which require more maintenance and support. With enclosures that provide temperature control and a range of mounting options, they’re able to keep their menu boards running at optimal performance in rain or sunshine. This also makes troubleshooting a lot easier, compared to a system which may require an expert to diagnose and fix issues. You should also consider how you’ll mount your drive-thru menu boards. Choose from a wide variety of mounting and installation solutions for both lane and curbside pickup areas.

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