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Body jewerly Wholesale

body jewerly wholesale

Body jewerly wholesale is available from a large number of reputable companies. However if you want to make sure that your jewelry arrives safely you are better off working directly with a piercer to purchase your pieces. There is a lot that goes into running an online store for body jewelry and sizing clients to ensure they get the correct pieces. It’s a huge part of why so many piercing companies choose to leave this portion of the business to piercers who are trained to deal with sizing and fit issues.

Body jewelry is sized much more specifically than shoes or other clothing. It’s far more than just small, medium or large- it is the gauge and length of any barbells or the diameter of a ring, how old the piercing is, the type of fit that client wants and even decorative elements can change the sizing of the piece. Add to that the fact that most folks don’t know what a proper size is and you have a very difficult situation. This link

Marketing Strategies for Selling Body Jewelry Wholesale Online

All of this combined with a massive spike in covid and longer lead times means that many companies have decided to just stop offering online retail and let piercers who are already trained on sizing and fitting handle the sales portion of their business. It’s a smart decision for them and one that allows them to focus on what they do best- producing quality jewelry that is made well.

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