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Bodybuilding Dips

Dips musculation  is a multi-joint exercise that works a ton of muscles at once. They help build serious upper body strength, stimulate triceps muscle growth and improve the bench press lockout for power and strength athletes. Plus, they can be done on any piece of equipment from a specialized dip machine at the gym to a pair of chairs at home.

In bodybuilding, dips are a staple movement that should be included in the chest and shoulder section of any training program. They are great for building mass in the shoulders and triceps and can also increase the strength of the entire upper back. The triceps are primarily worked by the palms-facing-inward motion of the movement, while the pectoral muscles are primarily worked by a forward lean.

While bodybuilders often perform a weighted dip on parallel bars to add intensity, they can also be performed using a bench at home or even just your own bodyweight. If you’re a beginner, you can start with a few sets of low reps to work up to higher reps and a heavier load.

Dips en Musculation : Quels Muscles Sont Sollicités pour un Entraînement Complet

Dips can be a difficult movement for beginners, but with the proper technique and progressions, anyone can make progress. Some lifters find that dips irritate the shoulders, especially those with pre-existing shoulder pathology. This can be avoided by performing a variation of the exercise that targets different muscles to reduce the stress on the shoulder joint, such as one-arm dips.

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