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Car Park Deck Waterproofing

Car Park Deck Waterproofing

Multi-storey Car Park Deck Waterproofing are exposed structures and subject to a range of environmental challenges including UV damage, salt abrasion, water ingress and corrosion of steel reinforcement. Waterproofing is critical to maintain the integrity of concrete and extend the service life of the structure.

While concrete is a cost effective and durable material for building a car park, its inherent porosity can lead to the ingress of water into basement car park levels causing structural degradation, corrosion of steel and spalling of concrete surfaces. Adding to this, the concrete is exposed to chemical contamination from exhaust fumes, oil spillages and de-icing salts.

Drive with Confidence: Exploring the Benefits and Techniques of Car Park Deck Waterproofing

A car park typically comprises a reinforced concrete structure with a waterproof membrane on top of which the concrete topping is applied (Figure 1). The topping acts as a protective layer and sheds rainwater to drain through the grid. Waterproofing the top deck prevents water from infiltrating into the basement and protecting the concrete structure and steel rebar.

The choice of waterproofing for the basement, intermediate, and exposed decks of a car park is critical as each has varying requirements. For the basement, the waterproofing should be able to provide crack bridging, high adhesion strength and withstand hydrostatic pressure. For the intermediate and exposed decks, waterproofing must be able to withstand heavy traffic loads and movement. In addition, it should be able to withstand the effects of thermal expansion and abrasion from vehicles and pedestrians.

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