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Diesel Performance Modifications

modified diesel performance

Diesel trucks are a popular choice for Salt Lake City area drivers because they can handle the local weather and road conditions with ease. The trucks are also capable of hauling large loads and towing. However, the factory diesel engines are designed for efficiency and fuel economy over power. If you want to get more performance out of your truck, there are a few different upgrades you can do.

One of the most common modified diesel performance  modifications is an air intake upgrade. This mod improves the flow of air into the engine, which increases horsepower and torque.

Another diesel power upgrade is an upgraded fuel injector. These injectors are designed with an efficient hole pattern that increases the amount of fuel pressure to your engine. This boosts horsepower and torque without negatively impacting fuel efficiency.

Unleashing the Beast: The World of Modified Diesel Performance

You can even improve the efficiency of your diesel engine by upgrading to larger turbos. These turbos compress the intake air more efficiently, which results in more power and faster response.

Another popular diesel performance modification is a tuner box. These boxes connect to the ECU and change its software so it is optimized for more performance. This will increase your engine’s horsepower and torque, but it may lower the gas mileage due to higher rpms. If you do this, you should use a shop that specializes in tuning diesels because they can tune the software to be more fuel efficient and still increase power.

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