Man Week Internet Facebook Introduces Admin Assist

Facebook Introduces Admin Assist

Facebook has introduced new comment moderation assist facebook tools that enable creators to proactively moderate comments on their posts. With the ability to set predefined criteria, the tool automatically filters out unwanted or harmful content, reducing moderation workload. Additionally, it is possible to automatically hide comments that contain links to specific sites, ensuring a safe and engaging community. To help further streamline the management of conversations, a new activity log within moderation assist offers contextual information about the actions taken by the system and page admins.

Facebook Moderation Assist: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Community Managers

Admin Assist makes it easier for Facebook Group Admins to manage their communities by automating the most common tasks like reporting spam, managing comments and reviewing content that is submitted for publishing. Using a combination of rules, keywords and reports, Facebook group Admins can set up criteria that will be automatically applied to incoming posts.

These automated rules and actions can be based on various criteria, including:

The criteria that is set can also include keywords such as emojis or commentser names. They can also be based on post types such as videos or links. Facebook group Admins can also choose to automatically remove posts that have been reported a certain number of times, which is helpful if they are worried about the overall quality and safety of their community.

In addition to enabling these automatic actions, Admin Assist can also mute or block members if they violate a rule. It is important to note that this is only a preventative action and will not stop people from commenting on a post or using Facebook in general.

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