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How to Identify Email Address Fraud

Email addresses contain a lot of deep behavior and history data that can be used to assess fraud risk. However, with sophisticated cybercriminals constantly coming up with new ways to entice people into sharing their personal details over email and phone calls, it is becoming harder and harder to verify identities and protect yourself.

How do you inspect suspicious email?

Identify email address fraud begins with evaluating email messages closely for suspicious signs. Many fraudulent emails are designed to trick recipients into clicking on links that will take them to sites where cybercriminals steal personal information. For this reason, any email that asks for confidential information should be considered suspicious and a red flag.

Another tip to spot a fake email is to look at the host domain. Scammers often use host names that are similar to popular sites like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. This is a way to trick the recipient into believing they are receiving an email from a well-known company.

Lastly, it is important to check an email’s sender name in the “from” field. If the name does not match the person’s real name in your email client this is a sign that the person may be using multiple email accounts.

Finally, it is also important to check an email’s IP address. If an email address comes from a country with high levels of internet crime, this is a red flag that the email may be fraudulent. Identifying these fraud indicators early can prevent fraudulent users from accessing your products and services. IPQS offers world class email validation services that combine advanced risk analysis with intelligence from one of the largest blacklists and honeypot networks to provide comprehensive fraud detection and email address verification.

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