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Rotovac Upholstery Tool

rotovac upholstery tool

The rotovac upholstery tool | TMF Store is one of those rare tools that makes cleaning your upholstery fun. This incredibly light, strong and durable rotary upholstery tool cleans in both forward and backward direction without over spray or dripping. Constructed from lightweight super strong fiberglass reinforced composite it is a comfortable and effective upholstery tool for all general fabrics including dining chairs and car seats.

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It is fitted with a highly flexible hide-a-hose style hose set and features a high quality brass flow control so you can fine tune the amount of solution applied by the tool to your chosen setting, as well as a vacuum slider allowing variations of vacuum strength that will put you firmly in control of how much water is left behind on your upholstery. It also has a pressure side by-pass which means it can be operated without the need to shut off the cleaning solution valve.

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