Man Week Blog The Importance of Women’s Health

The Importance of Women’s Health

Feminine Health

The importance of women’s health

There are many Get Flower Power issues that affect men and women alike, but there are also some unique concerns that arise specifically for women. These issues include reproduction, gynecological infections and diseases that affect females such as cancer and menopause.

Feminine Health: It’s Not Just a “Hygiene” Issue

While it is true that some feminine hygiene products are actually designed to be used by cisgender women, the term “feminine health” really means nothing more than a marketing ploy for a product category that is based on transphobic and misogynistic values. In fact, this terminology is a big reason why some so-called vulvar-hygiene products don’t work, or at least don’t work well.

Understanding Feminine Health: What Every Woman Needs to Know

The genitals are an important part of the reproductive system, and they require regular attention to ensure they remain healthy. This includes having regular gynecological exams and Pap smears, as well as screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

Cleaning the Vulva

While a woman’s vulvovaginal area is sensitive and needs to be cleaned regularly, it doesn’t need to be soaked in soap or water. The best way to keep it clean is to change tampons and sanitary pads frequently, wash the area with warm water, and thoroughly dry it with a soft towel.

Wearing Cotton Underwear

Because cotton doesn’t hold moisture, it makes it less likely for bacteria to grow in your vulvovaginal area. In addition, wearing loose-fitting clothing that isn’t tight on the vulvovaginal area can help prevent smell-producing bacteria from building up in the vagina.

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