Man Week Blog The Real World Andrew Tate Review

The Real World Andrew Tate Review

The real world ai tate is an online community that hosts paid courses and mentoring programs designed to teach members about wealth creation and male confidence. The program’s founder, British-American influencer Andrew Tate, has been accused of rape, human trafficking and forming an organized crime group to sexually exploit women, but he retains a huge following among young men and boys worldwide.

Andrew Tate’s Real World Playbook: Living Life on Your Terms

Tate’s curriculum offers advice on topics like ecommerce, affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency, along with developing an “alpha male” mindset. But his teachings also encourage members to engage in unethical and unsustainable practices that could potentially land them in legal trouble down the road. In addition, his assertions that female submissiveness is essential for success and that women should bear some of the blame for rape should be concerning to anyone who’s invested in his work.

While some members of the Real World community say they’ve made thousands from their business models, it’s important to remember that it takes hard work and determination to make money in any field. And while the program’s marketing often features testimonials from men who claim Tate’s programs have turned their lives around, many of these claims appear to be overhyped.

Furthermore, Tate’s own business ventures and specific experience in subjects he teaches — such as online business and cryptocurrency — are scant, and he relies on boastful anecdotes to sell his program without providing verifiable details. He also makes sweeping assurances that he can help anyone become successful, which sounds more like scaremongering than fact-based promotion.

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