Man Week Blog What Are Professional Lock Picks?

What Are Professional Lock Picks?

professional lock picks

Professional lock picks  are specialized tools that allow people to open locks without a key. Despite the stigma of criminal activity associated with lock picking, it is practiced for the legitimate profession of locksmithing and as a hobby (locksport). Lockpicks are made from hardened steel and have various shapes and sizes to fit varying locks. A locksmith can open a locked door with these tools in just a few seconds.

Depending on the state or country, owning and carrying lock picks can be illegal, but only if they are used for criminal intent. However, even if these tools are possessed with the best of intentions, it is important to use them responsibly. Using too much force when picking a lock can cause the pins to become bent, break the pick and damage the lock. It is important to lubricate the lock to prevent this from happening.

Choosing the Right Lockpick Kit: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

The most popular tool in a professional lock pick set is the single pin pick. These are thin, triangular-shaped picks that can be inserted into the keyway and manipulated to reach individual pins without disturbing others. The single pin pick is often used in combination with raking and wafer lock tools to open the lock quickly.

Other tools in a typical set include the standard lock jigglers and tension tools. These tools are useful for testing the strength of a lock and helping to find a weak point in the mechanism. Finally, the tubular lock pick is a highly specialized tool designed to open tubular locks. It can be inserted into the lock and turned with medium pressure to push down each pin until it is bound behind the shear line of the lock, then released to open the lock.

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