Man Week Business What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?

What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?

A temporary workers agency is a business that connects short-term job seekers with employers looking to fill specific roles and assignments. These firms offer a valuable service to both parties, helping businesses quickly meet their staffing needs and giving job seekers the opportunity to gain experience in new industries and roles.

Temporary agencies hire and pay on behalf of their client companies, or host employers. This arrangement is called labor-only subcontracting, and it shields the user company from legal and public accountability for employing a class of temp workers paid less than they deserve, deprived of important workplace benefits like health insurance and paid leave, and subjected to rigged disciplinary processes and denial of injury claims.

Temporary Workers Agencies in Your City

Temp agencies use a variety of methods to identify and match workers with open jobs. They often interview workers to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and they will ask for references. They will also perform background checks on candidates.

Once an employer and a temp agency have agreed to a contract, the agency draws workers with the skills the client needs from their pool of available temps and sends them to the job site. The employer pays the agency a set hourly rate for the workers they supply.

Depending on the situation, some temp agencies may be able to negotiate a full-time, permanent position for one of their employees with the company they send them to work for. This is known as temp-to-perm hiring, and it is becoming more common in the gig economy.

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