Man Week Uncategorized What You Need to Know When Choosing Bottled Drinking Water

What You Need to Know When Choosing Bottled Drinking Water

Bottled drinking water is advertised as revitalizing water for hydration but really there isn’t any scientific evidence that proves it. In fact, studies reveal that the plastic materials used in most bottled waters have phthalates, which are known to cause cancer. The plastics also Leach Bisphenol A (BPA), a known human carcinogen. The bottom line is that we just don’t know enough about the safety of bottled drinking water.

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There have been some attempts over the years by concerned parents to have government regulated bottles with child-proof locks. This may not eliminate all tap water consumption problems but it will slow down and perhaps prevent some of the higher health risk factors associated with long term bottled water usage. Some companies have come up with filter systems for under the sink filtration, which are supposed to be able to filter out chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. These systems do reduce the contaminants but the filter media is so small that most of the chemicals are left in the water. Also, the reverse osmosis filter systems are expensive, wasteful and ineffective, and sometimes even harmful to your health.

If you do a lot of research on water safety and the effects of long term consumption of chemical laden tap water then you will find that the best solution is probably a multi-stage home water purification system. The multi-stage units filter multiple contaminants, including lead, cysts, parasites, THMs, VOCs, bacteria, parasites, tetracycline, alachlor, benzene, atrazine, MTBE and TCE. They also balance the mineral and pH content of the water, removing the need for expensive and harmful additives such as potassium, sodium, copper, and magnesium. Since one filter is generally more effective than all the others, a filter with a multi-stage construction is very economical. The only real downside to using a multi-stage system when compared to bottled drinking water is that the quality of water produced can vary from one unit to another, which makes it impossible to ensure that the water delivered to your home is truly safe.

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